[sword-devel] Sword license

Jimmie Houchin sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:37:25 -0600

I have a question about the Sword license.

 From what I see the source code is GPL. In many instances I have no 
problem with the GPL. In general I have no problem with Sword being GPL.

If I read the Sword/JSword source code and from that design/information 
write (port would be accurate?) classes, methods, etc. in Squeak to 
process Sword Modules would I be obligated to also use the GPL?

The reason I ask is because of the viral nature of the GPL. GPL is not 
appropriate for any non-GPLed Smalltalk. Smalltalk source is in an 
image. All of it is linked by GPL definition. Any use of GPL code in a 
Smalltalk image compels the entire image to be GPLed. This is not possible.

I have no problem with whatever source I create/port being similarly 
open and requirements for modifications and derivations also being 
similarly licensed. The GPL itself cannot be used in Squeak. RMS has so 
stated (from my understanding from mailing lists posts).

I hate to contribute to the proliferation of licenses. But is Crosswire 
open to such a variance for image based systems like Smalltalk?
ie: a dual license? I do not necessarily no which license would be most 
appropriate for Crosswire. The Squeak License makes no obligations for 
use of source. It is more close to the MIT or BSD licenses.

Thanks for any help in understanding my options.

Jimmie Houchin