ESV was Re: [sword-devel] OSIS and Step

Mark Ayliffe
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:13:00 -0000

Trevor Jenkins <> wrote on 13 January
2003 17:57:

> On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Daniel Glassey <> wrote:

>>> From
>> Is there an electronic edition? What about the free CD-ROM?
>>    Every classic reference and thinline edition comes with the
>>    option of receiving a CD-ROM with the complete text of the Bible.
>>    (A postcard included with the Bible explains how to order the
>> free CD.) 
> My understanding is that the free CD-ROM is NOT available in, with or
> for editions purchased in the UK. (Publisher's restriction?) Things
> have changed since I bought my copy. When originally published in the
> US various UK bookstore stocked copies of the ESV. Once a date for the
> Anglicized editionwas announced those copies quickly dried up.
> Happened to visit the main London Wesley Owen store this lunch time.
> No CD-ROM editions were visible; of course, I didn't open up those on
> the shelf so vouchers might have been inside.
> Regards, Trevor

Has anyone tried getting the text from Theophilus? It certainly seems to be
able to export to something from which one can construct VPL format with the
free versions. I've not yet looked into the licence conditions for the
locked versions though.