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Trevor Jenkins
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 17:56:51 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Daniel Glassey <> wrote:

> >From
> Is there an electronic edition? What about the free CD-ROM?
>    Every classic reference and thinline edition comes with the option of
>    receiving a CD-ROM with the complete text of the Bible. (A postcard
>    included with the Bible explains how to order the free CD.)

My understanding is that the free CD-ROM is NOT available in, with or for
editions purchased in the UK. (Publisher's restriction?) Things have
changed since I bought my copy. When originally published in the US
various UK bookstore stocked copies of the ESV. Once a date for the
Anglicized editionwas announced those copies quickly dried up.

Happened to visit the main London Wesley Owen store this lunch time. No
CD-ROM editions were visible; of course, I didn't open up those on the
shelf so vouchers might have been inside.

Regards, Trevor

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