[sword-devel] Update

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 03:26:23 -0700

Hey guys,
	Sorry for being a little scarce lately.  I've had alot going on, 
recently.  A few of us that meet on irc.freenode.com #sword have a sword 
prayer meeting biweekly and I haven't yet got my update to the guys for 
this Sunday's.  I think this time I'll make it public.

	The last couple weeks have seen many changes for me.  I started a new 
job last week.  It's a short term position with a Christian organization 
in town and should last around 6 weeks.  With the recent situation with 
permission withdrawals I had to take 2 days off to resolve the matter. 
At the bottom of this note you will see Larry's most recent response, so 
it looks like we are not being publicly accused any longer.

	I feel this is important to say to Larry, and for the record: 
Complying with your requests does not mean that I admit to any of the 
claims of which you had accused me, personally.  I have complied because 
you asked me to-- as I have always tried my best to do in the past. 
I've been personally hurt by your recent attitude toward me and I'm not 
quite sure why you have had such a recent change of heart.

	Now, on to brighter things!  A fairly large organization that holds the 
copyright to one of our most requested locked modules is interested in 
hearing more about our software and I have been delinquent in responding 
to their technical questions as to what our software can accommodate for 
them.  Pray I get off my butt and prioritize my time better and that my 
letter to them finds favour, along with our software-- in all of it's 
various forms.

	I have a meeting with the American Bible Society next week to talk 
about OSIS markup and to demo our KJV2003 distributed editing tool. 
They had showed it to their translators and were interested in capturing 
this valuable data AS THEY TRANSLATE, so WE won't have to do it after 
the fact!  This is great news and an exciting opportunity to hear about 
what they are interested in.  Many of you know that it's been a long 
desire of mine to one day start a distributed, translation team 
management software package.  This is a great opportunity to make 
contacts and learn from the source.  Please pray for a safe trip and 
meeting.  It's Tues. - Thurs.

	My family is attempting to sell their house, and they really need to 
sell it pretty quit.  All of my brothers and sisters are still single 
and we love eachother, so HEY we all still live together.  But my folks 
really need to settle down, get a smaller place and enjoy their 
retirement.  Please pray that we sell the house VERY SOON and for a 
decent price.  And for us all as we take on this new chapter in our 
lives.  It's gonna be weird not having my family together.  And for me 
as I look for more permanent income and where to reside!  Exciting and 
scary, all at the same time.  Kinda like girls.  (sorry)

	Please pray for Larry, that whatever is making him feel hurt and 
betrayed is resolved and that He feels used by God again.  And that he, 
and us, never forget that God loves us, not because of, but even in 
spite of our returns to Him.

	Thanks for being such a great group to work with, you guys really are 
loved and family to me.


Larry Pierce wrote:
> *Will take you at your word and remove your name tonight. Thank you.
> .. larry