[sword-devel] imp2gbs and imb2vs

Pham, Khoi sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 11:35:05 -0600

Thank you Chris.

I am a little slow in this.  Now I got the format working by changing SourceType in my conf file.  The next step is compressing the module.  I tried:
 mod2zmod vietcom e:\sword 3 2

and I got a message "couldnot find module: vietcom

vietcom is a commentary module I just made and put in sword.

Can you please show me how mod2zmod.exe work.

God bless

Paul Pham
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On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Pham, Khoi wrote:

> In the last couple days, I tested imp2gbs.  It worked wonderful.  It
> also accepts mark-up tags like <b></b>,<p></p>..., but when I tried
> imb2vs, it worked fine but ignored all mark-ups. Can anyone make this
> program acceptting formatting mark-ups?

Neither program pays any attention to markup.  They will both add to the 
module data file anything that is in the import file.

What you probably need is to add a SourceType value to your .conf file.  
It can take values like GBF and ThML currently (and OSIS quite soon).  It 
sounds like perhaps you copied a GenBook .conf that already had 
SourceType=ThML but your Bible or commentary module didn't include one so 
it simply passes the tags on as plaintext.


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