[sword-devel] Sword, PHP, and PostNuke

Curtis Farnham sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 8 Jan 2003 17:17:35 -0800 (PST)


pnBible (what I'm calling my project) should run on
any PostNuke site.  Both pnBible and PostNuke are
totally written in PHP and use MySQL for data storage
and retrieval, so they should work on any server that
has these things.

I've already published version 0.30 of pnBible to a
subdomain of mine, http://pn.e-cdf.com.  But it
requires Sword developer(s) to take Sword modules
through mod2vpl and then run them through a PHP script
I wrote to convert them to something that's easier to
insert into a MySQL database.  My goal right now is to
re-write pnBible so these steps aren't needed.  This
will allow PostNuke web admins to download Sword
modules directly from the Sword web site and upload
them right to their web sites for (relatively)
immediate use.

It sounds like you need the same information I do. 
PostNuke or not, any PHP script that can display
verses would have to know where to go in the NT or OT
files to find them.  I'll be glad to share whatever I
come up with.

Do you know any specifics about the formats of the
*.bks, *.chs, and *.vss files?

That's great if you want to help test pnBible.  Do you
have a PostNuke site?  How much do you know about

I need people to translate pnBible too, so even if you
don't do PostNuke, you might still be able to help.


--- Daniel Adams <infoChi@infomagic.net> wrote:
> Curtis,
> 	I just sent out my e-mail asking about PHP and
> being able to
> display a verse. This PostNuke thing you are
> developing, what platform,
> and would you possibly want help with it? I don't
> have the greatest
> knowledge of the sword source code strategy, but C++
> which it is written
> in, I actually have a lot of expierence with. Also
> do you need help
> testing it?
> By the Grace of God,
> Dan Adams - infoChi@infomagic.net
> http://dana.ucc.nau.edu/~dpa3
>   1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)-  Each one should use whatever
> gift he has received
> to serve others, faithfully administering God's
> grace in its various
> forms.
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> Thanks for trying to help, Joachim!
> I looked into SWIG, but it's over my head.  My
> programming experience has been limited to web
> scripting languages and a litle FORTRAN.  Besides, I
> think SWIG may be overkill.
> Maybe I am wrong about SWIG, but from what I gather,
> using it would either require becoming intimately
> familiar with the Sword source code (and I don't
> even
> know the language it's written in), or requiring
> that
> all servers on which my module is used have Sword
> installed.  Both of these are impractical at best.
> Please let me re-phrase my original request:
> What I envision is for PostNuke site administrators
> to
> simply download Sword text modules to their web
> sites,
> and use an installation routine that reads those
> modules, determines what books, chapters, and verses
> they contain, and inserts the data into a MySQL
> table.
>  (Or, just uses the Sword text modules as flat files
> instead of doing the database thing.)
> Regardless of what the project ultimately does with
> the data in the NT and OT files, it needs to be able
> to read *.bks, *.chs, and *.vss files.  Otherwise,
> I'll have to limit this project to only those texts
> which match the KJV book-chapter-verse format.  I
> *could* do this, but I really don't want to.
> So, I am looking for help with either of the
> following:
> A. Obtaining PHP code that can read *.bks, *.chs,
> and
> *.vss files,
> or
> B. understanding the specifics of these files so I
> can
> develop this portion of the code myself.  Again, I
> don't understand C and C++ (or whatever language
> Sword
> is written in).  I do have an intermediate knowledge
> of PHP, and I am familiar with basic coding
> practices
> and techiques.
> Thanks!
> Curtis
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