[sword-devel] Sword, PHP, and PostNuke

Curtis Farnham sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 07:22:37 -0800 (PST)

Hello all!

I joined the Sword Project about a week ago because I
want to write a module for the PostNuke CMS
(http://www.postnuke.com) that uses Sword modules and
provides Bible text searching and lookup capabilities.

I wrote a PostNuke module already
(http://pn.e-cdf.com) that works with Sword texts, but
the only way I found to do it was to use mod2vpl and a
PHP script I wrote to first convert texts to YAEBTF
(Yet Another Electronic Bible Text Format ;-)  ). 
It's a type of CSV, actually.  But before I go any
farther, I want to bring up the question here.

Has anybody ported the Sword API (or parts of it) to
PHP?  It'd be really nice if I could just provide the
PostNuke module written around a PHP-ported Sword and
tell people to go to the Sword site and get whatever
texts they'd like.

At a bare minimum, I need help getting/developing PHP
code that properly interprets bks, chs, and vss files.
 I don't know C/C++, so my attempts at manually
interpreting the Sword code were unproductive.  If
somebody can at least help me with the bks, chs, and
vss files, I can probably handle it from there.


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