[sword-devel] Accusations...

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 05 Jan 2003 13:59:49 -0700

Regarding the Indonesian texts, we have a friend at UBS that has put in 
a good word for us at the Indonesian Bible Society, and we've contacted 
them directly-- now that they know who we are and what we do-- and have 
asked them to reconsider.  We've offered to removed the modules if they 
still wish for us to do so and we're still waiting for their decision.


David's Mailing List and Spam Receiver wrote:
> On Sunday 05 January 2003 06:13 am, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>>I don't think anyone who is familiar with the Sword project or you will
>>take the accusations at the "Hall of Shame" seriously. The Sword project
>>has to be mindful of copyright claims to avoid difficulties that would
>>impend the project. Having said that, I think your record in that regard
>>is exemplary.
> On that note, we were asked a while back to remove some Indonesian (I think) 
> bibles from our page, not just lock them. Did we ever do that?