[sword-devel] Accusations...

Mike & Amy Swanson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 5 Jan 2003 01:50:31 -0600

This really upsets me.  Can't the Online Bible people just be grateful 
that the Word of God is getting out without stooping to a "hall of 
shame?"  I believe the shame rests on them in acting they way they are, 
trying to discredit your work and ministry.  If they are so worried 
about you "stealing" their work, I believe they have a heart issue that 
they need to clear up with God.  If Jesus were walking the earth I don't 
think He would care about a copyright and He certainly would not want 
His children bickering over who had the rights to His words.  I believe 
He would just say, "Go Ye," not "Go Ye but get My Father's permission 
before you leave and if you can't get it, oh well, just forget the whole 
thing."  I personally don't think that the Words of God should be 
copyrighted anyway, not at all.  There are other ways for people to make 
money, and I guess that's at the root of the whole "hall of shame" 
thing.  It infringes on their money-making ability, at least that's how 
I see it.  I think the KJV has the right idea.  After all, "Freely you 
have received, freely give."  You cannot steal what is given for free.  
I think your work is awesome and I personally am grateful for the 
tremendous amount of effort you put into this ministry  (yes ministry!) 
so that everyone can have free access to the Bible, in whatever 
translation is needed, whatever platform they are on, with study helps, 
easy to read and without having to be connected to the internet (or pay 
for a CD first)  every time they want to read it.  I know that the 
laborer is worthy of his hire, but I don't believe that God ever 
intended for us to fight over His Word, especially when it comes to 
money.  I say if people can get the Word of God for free, and they 
should, then Praise God.  More people are getting close to God.  More 
people are getting saved.   And if someone really wants to get 
technical, I believe GOD is the original copyright owner, after all they 
are HIS words!  I wonder - OLB says they are registered with the Library 
of Congress... what did God have to say?  Did they ask Him as well?  Did 
He just give one group permission to re-distribute His Words?  I don't 
think so.  It's not just them, I realize lots of people and Bible 
societies /publishers, etc.,  are worried about that precious 
copyright... but when that happens, people lose their focus.  It's not 
about who has the copyright... it's about doing God's will.  We are all 
working to build GOD's kingdom, not man's!   Isn't the primary purpose 
to get souls saved?!  And how will they know unless we preach?  Or in 
this case, distribute His word?  Sorry if I got long winded on this and 
I hope I didn't step on any toes.  This is my opinion.  I usually keep 
quiet and don't have a lot to offer in this list, but I really wanted to 
encourage you.  What you are doing is a fantastic thing, and I have a 
hard time believing you would have "stolen" (even though I don't think 
anyone can really steal God's Words!) from them anyway.  Don't let their 
"hall of shame" discourage you and keep up the awesome work you are 
doing SWORD team!  God Bless and you have my support.