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Mon, 24 Feb 2003 13:30:40 -0500

In a message dated 2/24/2003 6:40:34 AM Eastern Standard Time, mg.pub@gmx.net writes:

> Well, do you think there would be any way to integrate a map feature into the 
> sword library? That is something that people always 
> requested but nobody 
> implemented.

First of all, we don't have a MAP on the web yet. That site is a test case for the technology. It will take a long way to go to add all the city name and area name.

However, when I build that test case. I build in the internatinoal support in mind. Which is seperate the text data from logic and from non text data . That test case has not complete demostrate that yet.  But I will keep it that way when we move forward.

As intergration, there are the following kind of intergration. (not with SWORD but with the SWORD web interface)

1. from the map link to the SWORD. for example, currently when you click on the name of the city, it link to my Chinese bible site to show all the verses which have that City. That search is not 100% correct because it is depend on text search on Chinese language. It sometimes match people's name with place name because some place are named after some people. We could improve that kind of thing later
2. From a chapter in sword's web interfae (or other software), link to a map. For example, my current prototype list all the places that the book of Ruth mentioned. So Ruth Chapter 1-4 can have a link on the top to point to a map like this one.
3. From a strong number which are a name of a place to link to a list of map which have that place on the map. 

Just some idea. It will be a long way to go. Web technology (CSS/JavaScritp) certainlly make the map software much easier to implement than C++/C)

All the resize, reposition (drag&drop) in that page are depend on JavaScript, CSS absolute position and DOM level 1 / 2. It work on Netscape 7 and IE6. Currently have problem with IE4 (but probably can be fixed). I am sure it won't be able to run on Netscape 4.7. (since I start to work on Netscape from 1995/9 and was on the Netscape 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0, 7.0 development team, I am very sure it won't work on Netscape 4.) Not sure about IE5 but I think it is possible. 

The major difference between this one and other map software on the internet is all the resize/reposition taking care in the client side. Also the text is not IN the image but ON the image. The zoom in/out won't impact the quality of the text.

Of course, this one trade feature from backward compatability. Since there are a long way to go for me to add all the places into the database, I think when I finish there are no body will use the old browsers. And if they still do.... I would like to encourage them to upgrade since that will let them to use the OTEHR  software I developed- Mozilla :)

There ARE Bible software to serve those people who are using OLD brwoser alerady. I want the new Bible softwaer that I am development the coolest and use the newest technology. The current software can already cover the need for those people use the OLD browser. Or, if not, someone else will back port it for them. Leave something for others to do.... :)