[sword-devel] Web Interface

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 23 Feb 2003 19:41:17 -0700

	Thanks for the interface idea!  I appreciate the time you and your 
brother took and your ideas.  I don't think I like the idea of poping up 
new browser windows.  I don't mind a _Create New View_ button that would 
let the user open a new browser window, but not as a default function.

How about a left panel that has your stuff, and a context panel that 
show the result.  Maybe we could even split context panels, and such. 
Not sure.

Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> Troy,
> me and my brother spent some minutes on a possible layout and came up with 
> http://joachim.ansorgs.de/sword/. This is just a suggestion. The navigation 
> window is on the left. There can be multiple windows which are used to read a 
> module. The search would open a new window to browse the search result.
> Basically it's like BibleTime's application design, which is pretty useful in 
> my opinion.
> The display windows may have their own navigation, depending on the type of 
> the used module. For a genBook this would be a module navigation tree on the 
> left with links on each item to show the content of the node.
> The only thing which works at the moment is to click on the WEB module link, 
> which opens a navigation window to read the text of a module.
> And yes, it uses Javascript.
> In a real world app I would try not to use Javascript, but sometime's it is 
> not possible not avoid it.
> In my opinion it should be easy to use and powerful. This is hard to do.
> Your idea about strong popups etc are good
> On the technical part use JSP (or whatever) modules which do the whol stuff 
> for you, e.g. template systems which only get the content to merge it into a 
> static layout. This helps a lot, because other people which are better than 
> you in HTML design can make the pages and you fill in the content with your 
> scripts.
> I hope it's a bit useful and others get better ideas,
> Joachim
>>Currently, I'm planning to spend next month working on a web interface
>>to the sword engine.
>>I'd love to get input on what features you like/use from other sites,
>>and what you would like a web interface to a Bible study tool to look like.
>>Please consider GenBook support, as well.  What would a general book
>>reader look like for the web?
>>I'd love any time you have to help design and implement this.
>>	Thank you,
>>		-Troy.
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