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Derek Neighbors sword-devel@crosswire.org
23 Feb 2003 09:49:04 -0700

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>On the technical part use JSP (or whatever) modules which do the whole
> for you, e.g. template systems which only get the content to merge it int=
o a=20
> static layout. This helps a lot, because other people which are better th=
> you in HTML design can make the pages and you fill in the content with yo=
> scripts.

I have only mildly been watching this thread, but to date it seems like
almost all conversation has focused on the 'client'.  I would like to
interject that the backend should be done in something that is very
portable and available to a lot of paid hosting solutions. =20

If you want lots of people to propogate this work, you will need to
construct it in a way that is accessible for them to install and make
available to their user base.  I assume that fulfilling the great
commission is the goal and so getting something like this in hands of as
many willing to host as possible is optimal?

If this is merely a web interface for crosswire.org site, then of course
the backend doesnt matter one bit.  Just food for thought. (I only
mention because at one time JavaServerPages was used for SWORD stuff)
while its good stuff, it isnt highly available to the masses that would
host stuff like this, in the way C, Perl, PHP and such are.
Derek Neighbors <derek@gnue.org>
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