[sword-devel] Web Interface

Matthew Donadio sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 22 Feb 2003 15:29:52 -0500

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YTang0648 wrote:
A browser which support ECMAScript/JavaScript which called Mozilla is
also given out free, a different open source license, MPL,  is with it.
Mozilla is
made for many different types of client OS and is very common too. And
beside it, Netscape7, AOL, CompuServ, IE , Opera, Phoneix, Chimera,
ALSO support JavaScript, CSS and DOM

And if people still concern about using ECMAScript/JavaScript in the web
interface because the browser they use is lack of the standard support,
I am
not sure people will happe with php since there are even no standard for

And I reply:

The problem is that there are a fair number of people who are people who
are still using older browsers, especially outside of the US.  I use
IE5.5 because I never bothered to upgrade from Win95.  I have clients
who still use Netscape 4.7.  One of my Mac based clients has IE5 on all
of their machines.  I couldn't use my ISP's webmail client, because the
MAC IE5 JavaScript was braindead.  Also, some people turn off

I also do not agree with your argument against PHP.  PHP is totally
server side.  I have has my PHP applicaions work with browsers from
Netscape 4.7 to IE6, Opera, and Netscape 7.  I have also had my hosting
provider change PHP version on my, and my code hasn't broken.

Matthew Donadio (m.p.donadio@ieee.org)