[sword-devel] Web Interface

Eeli Kaikkonen sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 22 Feb 2003 01:43:46 +0200

> use html < SELECT> or use JavaScript throguht DOM to generated DIV with CSS
> to form the menu. Go to the next level, if we want people to select a
> particular chapter from a particulare book, say Gen. You can show two menu
> in <SELECT> without any connection- which make illegal book/chapter
> selection possible- for example Ruth chapter 13 - which does not exist. Or
> you can sync them together with JavsScript (try the <A
> HREF="http://people.netscape.com/ftang/BIBLE">http://people.netscape.com/ft
>ang/BIBLE</A> if you know Chinese) or you can simply let people typed in
> both book name and chapter name in a text field and then parse it.

Oh no, please, no javascript! I use text mode browsers often. Modern text mode 
browsers can handle even tables ands frames, but not javascript.

Eeli Kaikkonen