[sword-devel] inconsistent constructors/headers

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 19:11:46 +0100


> I have noticed that some of the headers and source files don't match up
> with respect to SWTextEncoding and SWTextMarkup.  I went through and
> modified throughout the code-base (a copy of course) the
> "SWTextEncoding enc" references to "SWTextEncoding encoding" and the
> "SWTextMarkup mar" references to "SWTextMarkup markup" thinking that
> might be my problem creating a new RawLD object in imp2ld.cpp.

> It didn't help me in my problem, but I note this to others as SWLD
> seems to need "markup" and "encoding" and not "mark" and "enc".

The names of the variables like enc, encoding, mar, markup don't change any 
functionality. What matters is the type of them, e.g. SWTextEncoding. 

> Any further thoughts would be helpful as to the source of my imp2ld
> problem.  RawLD has a noop statement as a constructor.  I would think I
> would have more general problems with diatheke and MacSword if I had a
> problem in RawStr or SWLD.  I am VERY NEW to C++ and am at a loss to
> see further.

I think there are problems in different places, since I'm debugging another 
one (and I don't have a Mac, so this is hard to do).

You're right, it's probably nothing in RawLD's constructor. I think it's 
probably something in the write and module creation functions.

Joachim Ansorg