[sword-devel] Website structure

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:01:08 +0100

I've been thinking about the Sword website for a while now. I feel it
has a number of deficiencies that need to be worked on. A few ideas
for improvements (these are just examples to illustrate why I feel
there is a need):

- Front page: less room for news, more room for clear links to
  downloads, support etc.

- Sub pages: The links on the left side are not so easy to find (lack
  of contrast?). It is a bit weird to have just a few sentences in the
  main content field and then loads of links on the left that don't
  really stand out (e.g. volunteers' section).

- New "FAQ" and "HowTo" sections that have explanations for e.g. "How
  to create a module", "How to translate the sword interface". Use
  Faq-o-matic or something similar?

- Unify module and copyright section. Right now it is _hard_ to find
  the copyright information.

- More content for publisher and volunteer section.

- Improve stylesheet (especially font sizes!).

Thanks for reading all this :). I know that a lot of the information
is already in the wiki, the mailing list archive etc., but we need to
have it in a place where people can see it easily.

Note that I am not criticising only, I am also volunteering to help
out. However, I don't want to step on anybody's toes and I definitely
don't want to impose my own ideas and structure on this.

So I am proposing: If people generally feel the same way (not about my
examples, but about the fact that improving the website is necessary),
let's discuss the ideas on list. Then, those that are interested in
working on it develop a prototype. If the powers that be approve, we
implement it step by step.


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