[sword-devel] Making modules for newbies

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 13:40:53 -0000

Hi there ........

On 9 Feb 2003 at 10:18, Saemmy wrote:
> But I am a stupid computer user. Is there any docu about making modules, or
> can anyone give me some hints, how to do, and where to get the tools to make
> modules.

I'm quite willing to try to help.  There are a number of tools - whether 
they'll be any good to you will depend on what you are trying to make 
modules FROM.  As an example, one of the tools will make an entire module 
provided it is pointed at a text file that follows EXACTLY the 
versification of the KJV with text in every verse, and one verse per line 
only - and not including the Deutero-Canon.  Most translations don't follow 
this versification exactly, so that tool probably won't help.  Another tool 
will simply add one verse each time you call it.  To use it you need to 
write a script in some programming or scripting language or other to feed a 
verse at a time to the tool.

So: what have you got as a starting point?  And can you program or script?

If you like, you can make a text file containing a chunk of your source 
text and send it me and I can try to start you off from there.  It might be 
possible to make it into a form that one of the tools can use simply by 
using a text editor.

God bless,

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