[sword-devel] Strong's dictionaries

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 11:50:03 -0700

>I'm in the process of fixing up the Strong's modules with cross-references
>(removing the see HEBREW... type lines) and with Greek/Hebrew letters.

Very good.

>  If
>we want to do bold & italics, maybe Troy will want to set up something
>collaborative like the KJV2003 project.

That is what I was thinking. It would produce a Strong's that matches the 
original in fonts.

Does the dictionary format support having multiple keys for an entry? If it 
does, it would be nice if you could locate an entry by number, Hebrew/Greek 
spelling, or the Strong's transliteration.

It would also be nice if we could key all the ways a Hebrew/Greek word was 
translated, (the words listed in Strong's at the end of an entry after 
"--").  More than one Greek/Hebrew words can be translated into the same 
English word, so you would need to key them something like, love-sexual, 
love-friend, and love-true. One could even produce keys for English words 
that are not used in the KJV, but may be used in other translations or are 
words that come to mind when someone is looking for a topic. The words 
listed by Strong would be easy because all that needs to be done is to 
write a routine that scans the entries for the words after "--" and create 
a list of word and the numbers they link to. Then find the words with 
multiple numbers and do with them like the "love" example above.

Another set of keys that would be nice to have is all the Greek and Hebrew 
words, not just the main forms of the words that Strong shows.

Once all the keys are created they could probably be used with some 
modifications for other dictionaries. Any dictionary that is keyed to 
Strong's numbers could have the text for the entries changed in Strong's to 
produce the dictionary. You may need to add or delete some entries but it 
would get you close.