[sword-devel] Module protection/encryption

Adrian Korten sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 20:43:51 +0700

Good day,

For the future when program development starts up again, I have a 
request from my supervisor. I have been compiling some text module files 
for one of the versions of the Thai Bible (sold and distributed by the 
Thailand Bible Society). They would like to have a combined Name and 
Code combination that could then equate to an encryption key. It is 
quite likely (possible anyways) here in Thailand that if someone gets a 
CD with the Bible module and some note with the unlock code that they 
would then pass it on to friends or even sell it themselves.

Other share-ware programs that I have bought usually have require my 
name and some code provided by the seller. Is this possible with the 
Sword data engine? I don't think that this increase the security that 
much but it makes the improper usage a little more obvious to the user.