[sword-devel] Strange ...

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 18:17:24 -0700

Hey guys,

	The sword engine DOES NOT support utf-8 locale files in locales.d.  It 
MIGHT support UI locale files in uilocales.d if Daniel's work went well.

	Supporting UTF-8 in the engine for Bible books is not a simple task. 
We use these book names in algorithms for parsing user input when 
resolving book names and such, and DO NOT do any work to try to:

1. assume the user input is in utf8
2. expand the book names from utf8
3. call icu toupper routines that will totally fail on all our current 
locales (that are NOT in utf-8).

The groundwork has been laid for some of this, but for now, all the 
locales.d (book names and abbreviations) submissions must be in a single 
byte encoding.  That's why you've had some success with the solution below.


Avihai.H wrote:
> I was checking myself a few times trying to find a solution and a strage 
> thing
> happened when I saved the conf files in ANSI format:
> 1) The UI showed the book's name in Hebrew.
> 2) All the NT books was abbrev -1 and wasn't working at all, except OT 
> books and Acts(44) (for some reason).
> 3) Saving files in UTF-8 format is not working at all!
> Here are the files in UTF-8 attached :o)