[sword-devel] Correction and more :o)

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 18:32:46 -0000

What encoding are you using, and how are you editing the files? 
Sorry, I should have explained but the files must have the unicode 
text stored in UTF8 (unfortunately there is more than one way to 
store unicode :/ ). I don't know what your files have but I can't 
easily get Hebrew out of it.

On 3 Feb 2003 at 18:30, Avihai.H sent forth the message:

> Sorry, I made a mistake :o)
> I didn't used the same naming in both of the files (he & Hebrew).

um, question for other people. Is there any reason why we shouldn't 
change to 3 letter ISO 639 language codes rather than the 2 letter 

> After fixing the problem…
> 1) There are no abbreviations for the biblical books in Hebrew

what do you mean?

> 2) I translated the conf file but the only thing that works was the OT.

a quick look at the file (without being able to get hebrew characters 
out of it) and I can't see any 'Book Abbrevs' for NT books.

> 3) When I activate Sword with the 1.5.5 release the UI can shows Hebrew
>      only in the books name, the rest is English (sword20030125_2.exe doesn't).

The new one won't like text if it isn't in UTF8.

> 4) the Books combo should be as wide as the widest books name    
>     automatically.
> 5) I think that the chapter and verse chooser should be combos as well as the 
>     books chooser.

I agree.

> 6) I have asked it before, and I raise the question again… 
>     can it be done that if a user chooses Hebrew (or any other language that
>     doesn't have abbreviations) the Sword wouldn't ask for it?

You don't have to have abbreviations - you can just have
Full book name=number

As it says in the link I gave:

# 1) There MUST be at least 1 abbreviation entry for each book name
# comprised of a toupper (uppercase function) of the entire string
# EXACTLY as you have translated it in the [Text] section.
# 2) The English abbreviation entries MUST remain in the locale.
# The precidence entries may be tweeked, especially if you find them
# interferring with your precidence entries, but the entire book name--
# as stated in the first requirement above, must remain for English book
# names.

I haven't looked at the code to see why this is, but (imho) I don't 
think it is a high priority to fix it.

> Sorry guys for me bugging, but I really do want to make it work.

no problem, I'd like to get this to work too :)

> The Sword has a great potential.


> The attached files are translated into Hebrew.
>  The Local if fully translated and the UI has to be rechecked, 
>  but only after it would be fully supported.