[sword-devel] Here's Our Chance: Copyright Negotations

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 00:28:17 -0700

Maybe I didn't expound very well.  I feel that Zondervan will offer 
their NIV text in OSIS format very soon.  If you are worried about using 
your favourite copyrighted texts in SWORD, you should feel confident 
that they will be available as OSIS texts in the near future, and sword 
will read OSIS texts soon.

If David would like, he could contact them offering to sell their module 
as an OSIS text.  This would not imply any association with CrossWire, 
and accomplish your same goal, if you are still worried that they won't 
do it themselves.

	Does this make more sense?


Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there .....
> On 29 Sep 2002 at 21:45, David Trotz wrote:
>>So I am confused how would David's idea clash with your vision? Are the two
>>mutually exclusive? 
> I agree. 
> My concern here is that David's offer would be the only way in which we are 
> likely to be able to relase the NIV (to name but one).  I feel it is 
> important that we carry translations such as NIV and are able to get them 
> to the public.  I mention NIV because just now it is one of the most 
> popular versions (although personally I fail to see why!).
> God bless,
> Barry
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