[sword-devel] language translation

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 23:17:51 +0100

On Thursday 26 Sep 2002 7:09 pm, you wrote:
> Attached is a complete locale template.
> It has been programmatically extracted and sorted and represents a
> complete list of terms.  Not sure if this helps to update current
> locales, but may.  It serves as a complete template for new translations.
> If you natively speak another language, PLEASE consider providing a
> translation for the terms inside this file.

Or if you know anyone that speaks another language natively please consider 
asking them to help. 
e.g. any of the South African guys on the list speak Afrikaans, Zulu or Xhosa 
(or any of the other languages) or know any speakers of them that could help?

If no-one else can do them I'll try asking around on Sunday and see if I can 
get Dutch, Afrikaans and Yoruba, and maybe even Scots Gaelic.