[sword-devel] More simple questions

Will Thimbleby sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:23:47 +0100

Back again for some more answers ;-)

Firstly how do you work out what books you have for a particular module? 
At the moment I use:

while (!module->Key().Error())
	currentKey = (VerseKey *)&module->Key();

	//store currentKey->getBookName()

	currentKey->Book( currentKey->Book() + 1 );

But this seems to get all the books after a legal book aswell. It works 
for just NTs but if you have a OT then it also gives all the books in 
the NT.

I'm using HTMLHREF to get all my data from sword, however I'm having 
trouble dealing with inconsitencies in referencing. For instance KJV 
strongs are like "#H07225" or "#G976" in LXX "#G125" in Thayer 
"type=Strongs value=G5443". Morph tags in LXX "MVAI AAI3S" or "P".

Are there a standard few ways of referencing? Do I have to modify my own 
gbfhtmlhref and others  to fix this?

Cheers, Will