[sword-devel] commited individuals

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:40:57 -0700

> II. Color scheme support:  It seems with the new Search and Popup
> catagories of color/font schemes, we have a few problems.  The current
> default scheme provided do not include information for these categories.
>   If you might have time to look at picking colors for these categories
> and including entries for them in the scheme's .conf file, and emailing
> those to the list, I will be sure to include your updated version in the
> final release.

I committed this today Troy. Sorry I was such a slacker, school and my
family has me busy lately and guess what.... My wife is pregnant (again) so
we are having yet another baby that will make 3 praise God!

> IIb.  It also seems that font and colors are not defaulting well.  If
> you have Borland C++ Builder and would like to look at why sometimes
> popup windows and search results do not used a defaulted font that
> should be able to display properly, please send an email with stating
> that you are willing to look into it.  CLUE, it's probably somewhere in:
> TRxRichEditX::getDisplayPrefs method

"If" If If I get time, I will look at it :)
In Christ,
David Trotz