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Where I attend school, Tennessee Tech (www.tntech.edu)  There is one
campus organization that's whole goal is to share the gospel.  They
don't do anything other than retreats as an organization, they don't
compete in homecoming festivities, we just 1) get to know people in the
dorms that live with us as friends, 2) share our life with them, 3)
share the gospel with them, and how it has affected our life.  Each of
us that is part of this ministry has a different story to tell, the guy
that brought me to christ, I felt comfortable with, because he had what
I call the everlasting smile.  

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The book of Romans does this quite well.

James Conley

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> >> I might show you the text that, through much prayer and
> soul searching,
> >> filled a single screen on my computer this morning, but
> greater than the
> >> result, I think, was the exercise, to my life.
> > Share it. I'd like to read it.
> Wait a week until everyone else has read the list and had a go at it
> themselves.
> Don't do what school does and short out the learning process
> by supplying the 
> answer before the student's had time to think about it.
> Cheers; Leon