[sword-devel] Sword Server released (at CVS)

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Wed, 18 Sep 2002 18:30:45 +0600

Hi Dan,

> Specifically, what exactly is your goal of this "sword server" program,
> I am possibly willing to beta test to help out, but I am not sure of how
> to use CVS. Is there an easy way to find out, or do you have a
> semi-release version you would prefer for me to help test with. I do
> have MS Visual Studio 6.0 if that helps for any development pieces.

Thank you very much for your interest in Sword Server.

The goal is not exact, but manifold:

The main purpose of Sword Server is to provide scripting languages (such as 
JavaScript and Perl; well, programs in "normal" programming languages also can 
benefit from Sword Server) with possibility to connect to Sword immediately 
without delay caused by loading of Sword (namely initializing of SWMgr, which 
is about 1.5 sec on a Pentium 166MMX). It is important for scripts embedded in 
web pages. Hopefully also Diatheke some day will be rewritten (server side as 
now or client side) using Sword Server (or made faster by some other mean).

Also Sword Server may simplify adding Sword bindings for various programming 
languages, as with Sword Server disappear the need to interface the language 
with C++.

Additionally (this is not a primary goal) Sword Server (in a future version) 
can be used for remote serving of Sword modules.

There exists WinCVS, but I'm not sure that it is simple to install. Dan, I can 
just send you the most important "semi-releases" by email. Most probably 
current Sword Server will not compile with MSVC++, but I think it needs only 
minimal changes for porting to MSVC++ (Now, it was tested only under Linux.)

You need libCommonC++ (http://cplusplus.sf.net) in order to compile Sword 

Also it would be good to test jstest.html with Internet Explorer (before it 
you need to set proper Java classpath; don't know how to do it under Windows, 
but can search Internet for you if you need).

P.S. You can connect to Sword Server using telnet (to your own computer after 
you started Sword Server).
Victor Porton (porton@ex-code.com)