[sword-devel] Here's Our Chance: Copyright Negotations

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
18 Sep 2002 01:00:07 +0000

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Hey Everyone,

	So I have been skimming through the copyright and locked module related
e-mails that have been flying around this mailing list. Well here is our
chance to help a Bible society out and also have their translations
available for people to download. The Bible Society of South Africa has
expressed that they would be willing for us to distribute their
translations for a small fee (they say $10, I would like to see it
closer to $5). So how are we going to do this? I am looking for ideas
from anyone but particularly those that will have to do some work to
implement things (Troy and Chris). I would like to have something to
propose to them in the next couple of days. Thanks so much.

In Christ,
Jonathan Hughes
Copyright Coordinator
E-mail: jhughes@crosswire.org
Web: http://www.crosswire.org/sword/copyright/

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