[sword-devel] commited individual

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:37:06 -0700

Hey guys.

We still need a few commited individuals that have a few hours to do a 
couple remaining tasks.

I. LOCALE SUPPORT.  Many of our locales haven't been updated to reflect 
the latest string list.  If you are a non-English native language 
speaker, please consider emailing the list your commitment to translate 
a few english strings to your native tongue.

II. Color scheme support:  It seems with the new Search and Popup 
catagories of color/font schemes, we have a few problems.  The current 
default scheme provided do not include information for these categories. 
  If you might have time to look at picking colors for these categories 
and including entries for them in the scheme's .conf file, and emailing 
those to the list, I will be sure to include your updated version in the 
final release.

IIb.  It also seems that font and colors are not defaulting well.  If 
you have Borland C++ Builder and would like to look at why sometimes 
popup windows and search results do not used a defaulted font that 
should be able to display properly, please send an email with stating 
that you are willing to look into it.  CLUE, it's probably somewhere in: 
TRxRichEditX::getDisplayPrefs method

III.  InstallMgr is in an uncompilable state.  We started to move 
installmgr to libcurl.  It compiles, I guess, but a small section of 
code that does the file transfers is commented out and there is an 
example of a curl call (that only downloads the latest version of the 
curl library :) ) in its place.  If someone is willing to roll back 
these changes and compile a good version of installmgr against the 
latest sword libs, this would be great.  It shouldn't take much time 
looking at the cvs log for the installmgr files to see when the changes 
were made.  If anyone can, instead, finish the curl code, this would be 
a plus, and would probably get migrated into the core api eventually. 
Again, please post your commitment to this task to the list.

	Thanks guys.  Hoping to get these things finished within the next few 
days for a great release.