[sword-devel] Module Errors: NIV, NJB, NASB, NASB95

Daniel Adams sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 15 Sep 2002 14:09:20 -0700

What I noted about the NIV is incorrect, the word Beth Should be there,
but because it is a scriptural division in the psalm, it should be
separated as I said it was in RC2.

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Subject: Module Errors: NIV, NJB, NASB, NASB95

Please look in Psalms 119:9 in these three modules: NIV, NJB, TNIV,

NASB, NASB95: Shows a bunch of odd tags <numbers> I have all possible
tags turned off so I should only see the text.
NIV: Has the word "Beth" at the beginning, this is not in the actual
text. RC2 showed "<Beth>".
NJB: showed what looked like a bunch of unparsed garbage, sort of like
the actual module format. Only Psalm 119 looks bad.

If someone wants, I can do screenshots of each of these translations on
the specific verse