[sword-devel] verse numbering schemes (was: RC4 BUG!)

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 13 Sep 2002 13:06:04 -0700

At 07:54 AM 9/13/2002 -0700, Joel Mawhorter wrote:

Some thoughts on verse schemes. Just my 2 cents.

>  In the case of combining verses into one, there is nothing that could
>be done about it.

Two verses in one scheme could point to one verse in the other scheme. 
Split the verse between them, or give one a zero length and the other the 
whole length. This brings up another problem. See below about moving.

>In the case of deleting verses these verses obviously can't
>be created. In the case of adding verses that aren't in some other scheme,
>would we have to make run-time modifications to the target versification
>scheme to extend it?

Add text at the end of the module that is missing a verse that says 
something like "missing" and point any missing verse there. In fact, 
"missing" could be added to all Bible modules so it could be pointed to 
when needed, if ever. When a module has more verses than a scheme uses, 
(extra verses), count the extra as part of another verse, the one before or 

>The moving verses around might be more doable if it was
>a simple case of moving a few verses as a block to a new location.

Moving verses are special cases of deleting and adding. They can be dealt 
with that way. This creates a problem. Which verse to display when. If you 
are scrolling through the text you probably should get the next verse 
displayed to be the next one in the native scheme, not some other verse. 
But, a map that does that well may not be the map you want to use to find 
text referenced by a commentary that does not use the native scheme. 
Perhaps the answers is to have more than one way of mapping. You could have 
the native verse map, a KJV browse map and a KJV references lookup map.

>Even if
>there was a way to do all of this, how would we ever produce the mappings
>between all of the different schemes?

One at a time. And a few would cover many translations. At least for those 
that speak English.