[sword-devel] Possible Solution to copyright problems

Scott Thomas sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 07:22:33 -0400

Stephen makes some good points. 

Perhaps an online "petition", getting people to simply add their name 
to a message requesting release of the module would help to show that 
the interest is substantial.


On Tuesday 10 September 2002 06:59 am, you wrote:
> > why not set up a web page for user request of the locked
> > modules....
> To avoid annoying bible societies, I would not have an
> auto-emailer. Registering the level of interest might be a good
> idea though.
> > Maybe an appeal
> > to their bank balance might be stronger than an appeal to their
> > conscience?
> There are presumably different kinds of copyright holders, amongst
> others, you'd have:
> 1. Those who wish to retain their rights to royalties from their
> creation. 2. Those who wish that their creation is not altered (nor
> the altered version passed off as the unaltered version)
> 3. Those who are working on something 'better' than what they've
> already published, so don't really want the ''not as good'
> publication distributed.
> I suspect that those holding copyrights & distribution licenses on
> texts we'd wish to distribute for use with sword and related
> projects, are mostly concerned with the authenticity of the text
> remaining. The problem here is a problem with all digital media, if
> you've got the tools to read it, you can envisage the tools to
> modify it.
> Stephen. (who is not an expert on copyright)