[sword-devel] The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 - Beta Module

Dan Bertles sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 4 Sep 2002 06:02:35 -0700


If you store pathnames with each file when you create the zip file, we just have
to "extract with pathnames" and the module will be "installed".  This is the
same format as the raw files included with other sword modules.  I actually
prefer the raw file format over the windows install files.  They're faster to
download than the others and easier/faster than the InstallManager.


Quoting "Don A. Elbourne Jr." <delbourne@cox.net>:

> I just created a genbook module of The Baptist Faith and Message 2000. I
> think I would like to still work on the formatting a little, but it is done
> and it works. :) If you are interested you can obtain it from
> http://elbourne.org/sword/bfm2000.zip Place the module files in
> ../modules/genbook/rawgenbook/bfm2000/bfm2000 and of corse the bfm2000.conf
> file in your modules.d directory.
> I've tested it with Sword for Windows. I'm interested to see if it works OK
> in BibleTime and the others.
> by grace alone,
> Don A. Elbourne Jr.
> http://elbourne.org