[sword-devel] CEV module possible bug

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 20 Nov 2002 12:35:52 -0000

Hi there ......

On 20 Nov 2002 at 21:59, anthony kerr wrote:
> I have never encountered linked verses, what is the theory behind them?

Some modern printed versions have found the KJV versification difficult to 
reproduce in certain passages because the grammatical construction that is 
used doesn't allow the verse breaks to go where they were originally 
placed.  The answer they have come up with is to concatenate a range of 
verses together, as you have seen in CEV.

Sword has allowed this to take place by placing the range as a block of 
text at the position of the first verse that it contains.  Subsequent 
verses within that block are handled by 'linking' which you can see as an 
option if you look at the code for 'addvs'.  A front end ought to handle 
the linking by showing the linked block only once, but showing that same 
block whichever verse within the block is looked up.

> I am using Bibletime CVS and Sword CVS (both only a few days old).

I've only just updated my Linux box, and haven't yet got around to looking 
at Bibletime, so I can't comment.  Maybe Bibletime doesn't yet support 
linking?  I think the latest library from the CVS does,  but it is not 
correctly handled by Cheatah, which is the only front end I've build 

If it is going to be an ongoing problem, I can easily make a version of CEV 
(and Phillips) without the linking - just with the block of text at it's 
first verse.  This would not be the right way to handle it though.

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