[sword-devel] New module and ThML Questions

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 01:05:47 +0100

>This is great. I'd be interested in this tool.

Okay; will flesh it out and post it soon. It is rather simple,
especially regarding formatting, but a beginning.

>Did you use the Swig bindings?

No, I am producing a .conf file and a .imp file and use imp2gbs to
produce the module files. It seemed easier than to try to compile
Sword with GNU C++ on Windows :) (I do have VC4 or 5 somewhere, I am
just too lazy to get used to it. And I still haven't overcome my bad
relationship with C++.)

>I think you use ThML, right? Then simply use HTML tags like "<p 
>align="center">text</p>". BibleTime wil support this, I'm not sure about the 
>windows software.

BibleCS doesn't support it, but it is good to know -- I will leave in
the tags for BibleTime.

>> 2. Is it possible to have references inside a General Book? If no,
>> I'll probably leave away the scripture index. If yes, how can I do it?
>References into Bibles or into the book itself?

The bible references are alreading working (via scripRef tags). But
the text has a lot of internal anchors (<a name="xyz"> etc.), and a
scripture index at the back that refers to specific paragraphs. Is it
possible to link to a paragraph or at least to a specific section in a
GBS, like /Chapter 1/Section 2 ?


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