[sword-devel] .conf lang tags

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:17:21 +0100

>  From first thought, I would suggest keeping the single language tag
> that represents the primary module language, and add addtional AuxLang
> tags which represent other languages that are contained within the
> module.  This will allow a frontend to select a unicode font with all
> pertinent pages populated.

Hey Troy,

that might not always be possible. Imagine a chinese-korean dictionary, and a 
user having a special font for chinese (only) and another one for korean 
(only). How should he work that out? 

Providing the possiblity to use a unique font for each language is our aim 
with BibleTime, because this might be required in certain situations. Our 
previous paradigm was having one Latin-1 font, and one font (like Code2000) 
for all non-Latin-1 modules. That worked to a certain point, but is 
definitely not the optimal solution, because even Code2000 does not support 
all languages (like Chinese) correctly, or render each language as nice as 

Therefore we need a way to determine the language of each single key of a 
lexicon, because it may have keys in different languages. Or another solution 
which would avoid the problem I described above. I am not so much asking this 
for myself or the western Latin-1 world, but for the users who come from 
other areas of the world.