[sword-devel] creating General Book modules

Patrick Narkinsky sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 09:15:11 -0500

I was actually about this problem, a little bit last night.  It seems to me
that would be needed would be multiple, ordered indexes of the books.  So,
you would have the "book" index, which would contain multiple "chapters"
indexes, then the "verses" indexes.  They could then point inside whatever
data structure you chose to hold the actual data.  So, you could increment
by verse, chapter, or book and get sensible results.

I suppose this could probably be munged into an SWKey (and maybe even
SWVersekey) derived class.  The downside is that, from what little I
understand about sword internals, it would require extensions to the file
format, right?

I would be willing to put some time in this if its doable (since I am
specializing in second temple Judaism, the apocrypha are quite important
documents for me.) 



Thus spake "Christian Renz"> :

>> Wouldn't allowing multiple verse numbering schemes help this greatly?
> I think this is what Troy referred as "not a 'simple fix'". :)
> Everybody would love to have that, but it doesn't seem to be so easy
> to implement.
> Greetings,
>  Christian

Patrick Narkinsky