[sword-devel] Now using DevEx

Jonathan E. Brickman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 3 Nov 2002 19:37:12 -0600

I installed DevEx as you suggested at first, just to get a feel for
the general situation. I found that since I am using GCC 3.2, instead
of 2.95, I cannot use "-fnative-struct" as is very commonly
recommended (and which was present in your .dev) and which is required
according to both GTK+ documentation and library error message, but
must substitute "-mms-bitfields". Once the latter was done, it
compiled and now runs perfectly.  (GCC 3.2 is essential for modern CPU

I must admit, the widget set in my binary is not really up to the par
I want to set from the beginning. Most of all, it's using what I
recognize as vanilla bargain-basement X11 scrollbars. Is Glade code
generation limited to such? If so, I'll immediately go in search of a
different widget set, and use simply Cheetah as my widget interface

By the way, the tentative name for my little project is "Heaven's
Book", or HB for short. I am interested to see if God blesses this
project. If He does, I will be very happy about it. (If He does not, I
will suddenly find that my time and/or energy is choked.) He has given
me some programming skill, but at least in the past, little permission
to use it. I noticed that Cheetah loads VERY fast, and this is what I
believe is missing now: small, sleek, speedy, yet very function-laden
Bible software. I want something that will run well on stripped-down
Linux or Win95 on a 486, and correspondingly faster on faster systems.
CPU optimization is a method mostly being ignored today, and I mean to
exploit it, along with the KISS principle.

Jonathan E. Brickman    http://joshuacorps.org
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