[sword-devel] A Call For Testers (b)

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 25 May 2002 11:50:26 +1200


I'm looking forward to being able to help out with testing. I didn't have
any problems downloading that file, and my first impression is that the
faster loading is nice.

Where did transliteration go?

I've some friends about to go to Lebanon who are learning arabic, and I
thought the transliteration would be very helpful for them.

So would being able to run from CD... I haven't tried this, so I havn't seen
the problems others are reporting, but I'd like to be able to downoad and
burn the iso for them before they leave, and be assured that they'll not
have too many problems using it on MSWindows PCs.

(BTW - does the ISO have non-english translations like arabic and armenian?)

> 6) Refreshing the bible pane using the up down verse buttons was slow and
revealed some rtf codes for a moment then refreshed and refreshed again
making going from verse to verse very slow and annoying. This is now fixed

This has improved, but I wouldn't say fixed... for example the thai and
tamil texts that take ages (comparatively) to draw the text - when moving
from genesis 1:28 to genesis 1:29... you end up jumping to the start of the
chapter for a second or two, then down to the verse.

Saving the settings of the different options between runs would be nice.
Whether you consider this a bug fix or an improvement is up to you ;-)

How would it work if the settings were per module rather than system wide?
... a user may prefer to see notes & cross references in one module, but not
in another.