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I am a Pastor, well actually an Orthodox Priest.  I like your program and I
have used it to some extent.

When you mention Bible Versions I think you miss a great number of users of
the Orthodox and Roman Catholic faith.  Myself, along with the list below,
use the New Jerusalem Bible, the New American Bible, and the New Living

I know your program is still in development, but so far I like it compared
to OLB.

+David  Francis, OOFM
St. Francis of Assisi Orthodox Mission
Orthodox Province of St. Francis of Assisi
American Orthodox Church.
Irvine Alberta, Canada.
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> A few months ago, I read a survey of Pastors that concluded that the KJV,
> NIV, NKJV, NAS, and the NRSV were the most popular. To be a player, we
> should have at least 3 of the five. The other locked English Versions
> fall by the wayside.
>  Joshua

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