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13 May 2002 03:51:40 -0700

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	Thank you for your interest in helping The SWORD Project in way of
writing. I will look over your changes to the writers volunteer page and
update the pages on the server as soon as some things are straightened
out on the server. If you could, to give me a better idea of what you
can do and in what areas of the project you could help with, please let
me know some specifics about your writing abilities, past experience,
any little bits of information that could help me focus you in an area
of The SWORD Project. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

In Christ,
Jonathan H.

On Sat, 2002-05-11 at 14:30, William J Richie wrote:
> Dear Sword Project,
> Thank you for allowing me to be placed on your mailing list and the
> opportunity to work on the Sword Project.
> I feel that I can be of benefit to you through my writing skills. So, to
> start things off, or, as the Apostle Paul so eloquently wrote to the
> congregation in Rome, i.e., "...In showing honor to one another take the
> lead" (Romans 12:10), I took the initiative and redesigned the Web page
> for those persons who are interested in becoming writers for the Sword
> Project.
> Two web pages are attached to this letter. One is called "Writers
> Needed", and the other is called "Notice". Please view them and let me
> know if you find them useful and what corrections, if any, I should make.
> Also, while I am not a computer expert or a computer programmer, I might
> nevertheless be able to help out by writing press releases and
> announcements and possibly, technical documentation.
> Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to volunteer for the Sword
> Project, and please let me know where else I can help.
> Cordially,
> William
> PS - I feel the background image of this letter would also be appropriate
> to use for the two web pages I sent you. However, I don't know how to
> insert them into the page.
> ----

Notice to Users of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer


Writers Needed=20

People who use the Sword Project depend on instructions which are easy
to follow and, in order to have these written instructions, we need
writers who can communicate "what to do" clearly and unambiguously to
the reader. If you feel you have these writing skills, there are a
couple of areas where we need you. But before you learn about those
areas, please read the=20

Volunteer Quick Start

After you read the Volunteer Quick Start, please do the following

1. Read the sections below under the headings:=20
        * Technical Writers=20
        * Professional Writers=20
2. Choose the areas in which you can help us.=20

3. Follow the steps listed below under the heading:=20
        * Becoming a Writing Volunteer.=20


Technical Writers=20

We need people that can write technical documentation for The Sword
Project. We need you to help us write:=20

1. A User's Handbook for Window's platform=20

2. Help files for Window's platform=20

3. Code design documentation for Window's=20

4. Code design documentation for the Sword API (i.e., the Sword
Application Program Interface)=20


Professional Writers=20

We need someone to write press releases and anouncements. We also need
someone to help us by writing to Copyright Holders and requesting them

1. Loosen copyrights on works=20

2. Allow us to convert the works and use them in Sword Project Modules=20


Becoming a Writing Volunteer=20

First, we want to thank you for your willingness to help us in this way.
A lot of us working on The SWORD Project are technicality savvy.
However, our writing skills are somewhat not as savvy. :) If you want to
help us, you can do so by writing or rewriting Sword Project
instructions. To volunteer, please do the following things:=20

1. Subscribe to the sword-devel mailing list by sending an e-mail to:=20


2. In Bold text, include the words below in the body of the e-mail:=20

subscribe sword-devel=20


Finishing up - What to expect=20

After you are placed on the mailing list, you need to do the following

1. You need to e-mail us at=20


2. You need to state the area of writing in which you can help us.=20

After that, someone will contact you and let you know about some of our
outstanding and specific needs. You can then choose one of the specific
needs in which you can help.=20

Thank you for your interest and participation.=20


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