[sword-devel] BibleTime 1.2beta2 -- testers wanted

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Tue, 30 Apr 2002 23:36:36 -0400

On Tuesday 30 April 2002 02:43 pm, Martin Gruner wrote:
<>< I am almost sure that you don't have the 1.2beta2 files.

I wasn't. I was using cvs from a few days before the 1.2 release

<>< You can create folders, name them. Drag a versenumber there to create a
<>< bookmark. You can click and drag bookmarks into display windows. Hint:
 drag <>< one in the editor of the personal commentary -> text gets inserted.

Ok, and what about bookmarking passages as such rather than simply verse by 
verse? Will that be added later or is that not even planned?

<>< > As for copying, I can't seem to select a section of text to copy or
 save or <>< > whatever. The most I can do is double click on a word to
 select it. <><
<>< Works in 1.2beta2.

I wouldn't know actually. I compiled and ran it but when I tried to open 
modules it wouldn't. The only modules that I could get to open were 
commentaries (a few worked and they obviously wouldn't syncronize) and 
lexicons (all of those worked afaik). The Bibles opened fine and you could 
see all the book names and what not  but nothing would display. For books the 
index was displayed correctly but none of the actual section/chapter/etc text 
was displayed.

stderr had messages about index 0 being out of bounds in an unnamed qt combo 
box (I assume the verse selector in bibles and related and 
section/chapter/etc in books) and in some of the nt only modules sword 
reported that Genisis was an invalid book. But I didn't see anything helpful 

BTW I would gladly post followups to the bt-devel group, however I never got 
my approval email..........

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