[sword-devel] 1.5.3 on OSX

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 04:48:05 -0800

> Too easy. Use .mm files instead of .m and you can mix Objective-C and 
> C++ freely. Though the compile is pretty slow - not sure if that's
> overhead from using .mm or if its not using pre-compiled headers for 
> the Sword API files or something.
> Started on a Cocoa "lookup" application, but so far I'm just 
> populating the modules and books drop-downs.

Too cool.  I'm so happy and excited to see someone finally taking this
project on.  I can't wait till we get CVS up and running again so that
we can get this project in there and get a collaborative effort started.

I do kind of wish you'd chosen to use Carbon since I wouldn't have to
learn Objective C to help out, but beggars can't be choosers. :)

> I'm using module->KeyText() from the modtest.cpp example, so its not 
> quite right (includes 1:1 in the drop down). I don't see any 
> interface to get book, max chapter and max verse data. Just this 
> public sbook struct thing, which I have yet to look into. Any samples 
> of how to do this? (I'm sure there is... somewhere).

It's always a good idea to rip off other people's code.  Check out the
GnomeSword or BibleTime code from their respective tarballs or the
BibleCS code in apps/windoze/CBuilder5/BibleCS.  And be sure to look
through the API docs in the docs directory (though they might be a
little out of date).  This is my cop out answer since I don't know the
real answer.  Maybe someone else who knows will answer.

> Grabbed a few different modules and noticed that the book names are 
> always English even for German and French texts. Guess the 
> application has to take care of this itself?

Yes and no.  The Bibles themselves have no clue what any book is called.
They just know them by number.  The default locale is English so
everything is in English by default.  The way book names have been
handled by frontends in the past is to allow users to select a locale
and then present all book names in that locale.  So a user who selects
the German locale would see English Bibles with German book names.

However, Bibles' .conf files do contain language ids.  If you set the
locale for the Bible to its own language id, it would use that language
if a locale is available and otherwise default to English.  I think the
frontends should probably at least offer this as an optional behavior.