[sword-devel] State of 1.5.3

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 23:38:47 -0800

Just a quickie update on the state of 1.5.3 from my experiences and such
(Troy should have some real announcements soon).

The Sourceforge bug tracker for Swordlib now has only one bug, a memory
leak in UnicodeRTF that may have been corrected recently (so maybe no
more known bugs).

I updated Daniel's SwordPackages Wiki page
with some information about OSes/distros that I've successfully compiled
Sword 1.5.3 on.  So far, I've confirmed it to compile on BeOS 5.0,
Debian (PPC) unstable, MacOS X 10.1, Yellow Dog Linux 2.0, and Windows
(both with BCB and VC++ 6).  I plan to test a few more OSes, like BSD
and Solaris if I can get them to install, but I would consider Sword
1.5.3 to be done in at the moment.

Sword doesn't work on QNX because of some namespace issues on that
platform.  My apologies to you QNX-users. :)