[sword-devel] IMAGES in SWORD

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 13:17:28 -0700

>         thanks for implementing this!

Thanks for reporting the bugs!

> The thmlhtml filter works almost right ;)
> You wrote
>         c++;            // skip '/'
> but if you skip the slash you have to make
> module->getConfigEntry("AbsoluteDataPath")
> have a trailing one, otherwise the path will be wrong.

Ok, there is now a check to be sure buf ends in '/' before skipping the
'/' at the beginning of the image url.

> And AbsoluteDataPath doesn't work for lexicons and books, because the
> DataPath of them looks like
>         DataPath=./modules/lexdict/rawld/isbe/isbe
> The base name of the datafiles is appended, so the path will be wrong if
> AbsolueDataPath is called for a book or a lexicon.

I was about to fix this, than thought a little more.  I need your
opinion.  The reason we use a basename at the end of DataPath= for
lex/dict modules (and now genbooks) is to allow more than one in the
same directory, otherwise we could just have the directory like all
others.  An example of this is strongs.  2 modules with
Not arguing the merits of this naming scheme (it's too late to change
this now), it seems that the byproduct of the current bug isn't so bad a
solutions.  This currently allows you to keep strongshebrew images in a
directory: .../strongs/strongshebrew/images, and greek in a similar
structure.  Let me know..


> Thanks!
> Joachim