[sword-devel] BetaJ: Bugs found

Richard Guay sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 19:50:43 +0700


Some of these bugs might have been in earlier version, but I just did not notice them before.

The new display of verses that the cursor is over only works for my MHC module.  None of 
the dictionaries work right, but they seem to try to display some of it.  Just the beginning of 
the reference shows in the popup.  In the dictionary, whatever the cursor stays over shows 
up in the popup.  None of my other commentaries show the verse for the reference (I have 
Personal, TDavid, TFG, TSK, and Wesley modules).  This is a nice feature when it works!

Also, my SME module is setup as the default commentary, but the last day in each month 
can not be viewed at all.  The last day is shown twice in the list of day right of the window.

Also, my KJV module will not show up in the list of module's with Strongs numbers and I 
can not set the Strong's Greek and Hebrew dictionaries in the preferences dialog.  Does 
the mean that they are old version and I need to update them?  It would be nice to get an 
update on the list when new modules or revised modules are available!

I am still having a large amount of clipping in the windows with this version.  It is happening 
in all dialoges except for the main preferences dialoge, the about dialoge, and search 
dialoge.  This is on the Thai version of Windows 98.
Richard Guay