[sword-devel] I created lexicons/dictionary editor with GTK 2

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Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:31:37 -0500

On Monday 24 June 2002 05:42 am, Victor Porton wrote:
> OK, so I am going eventually to port my program to Windows.
> May be it will become the hypothetical "Sword Writer" for LDs or there is a
> need of a native Windows application? In any case, everybody of you can
> borrow the code (when it will become stable) from this my GTK program for
> creating an analogous Windows app.

Native is good. The gtk+ 1.2 or whatever windows port had some really 
bad-nasty memory leaks. I don't know if those got fixed in the 2.0 port. I 
remember the problem was because Win9x (and ME) are especially whiny about 
how you destroy resources. But until someone can write a windows "Sword 
Writer" program a gtk port is better than nothing.

> Concerning Linux version of "Sword Writer", I think it should be several
> separate programs (one for LDs, other for Bibles etc.) So consider my very
> beginning of writing of GTK LD editor as staring of Sword Writer.

Separate programs isn't necessarily the way to go here. What you could do is 
write a "Sword Writer" core that handled all the functions and provided a way 
for there to be plugable modules for the various components. Much like the 
way the KParts system works in kde.

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