[sword-devel] newbie problem making a module

Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 10:23:34 +0100

Hi there .......

On 23 Jun 2002 at 13:52, fred smith wrote:
> vpl2mod is invoked like this:
>  vpl2mod foo.vpl . 1

I just compiled an ran vpl2mod made up from a very recent CVS snapshot of 
the code.  I used it on the vpl file I used to make the njb module way 
back.  It works fine.  BUT the command has to be in the form:

vpl2mod njb.txt njb 1 0 where the first parameter is the full filename of 
the vpl text file, the second is the name of a directory that you have 
already created, the third is 1 if you have verse names prepended to each 
line (0 if you don't) and the fourth tells vpl2mod whether or not there is 
an OT as well as an NT.

Note that I am not using the binary from the alpha site, although I am sure 
there will be nothing wrong with that one if it is invoked correctly.

God bless,


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