[sword-devel] IMP format; imp2ld and mod2zmod for windows

Christian Renz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 15:35:27 +0800

A variation of the commandline theme... 

I'm still working on the Chinese Dictionary project and have been a
bit quiet the last few days because my Uni also wants me to do some
work ;-). 

I have run into a *lot* of problems using imp2ld and mod2zmod on
windows (mostly crashes). Since I can't get the API to compile on this
machine (so far a configuration problem on my side), I downloaded the
files from the alpha pages on the Sword Project. I think these files
might not be current or might be buggy.

So before I go into describing bugs that might be already fixed: Can
someone be so kind and send me the most recent versions of
imp2ld.exe and mod2zmod.exe? Thanks very much!

Also, I need an *exact* description of the IMP format. I couldn't find
it on the SWORD project website. The only description I have is the
one given by Troy in his mail which was

$$$Key 1
Text of Entry 1

$$$Key 2
Text of Entry 2

Is this correct? Or should it be

$$$Key 1
Text of Entry 1
$$$Key 2
Text of Entry 2

or maybe

$$$ Key 1
Text of Entry 1

$$$ Key 2
Text of Entry 2



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