[sword-devel] GUI vs commandline

Daniel Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 07:41:32 +0200

Did I open a can of worms.

The thing is, most people are not unix linux gurus.  In fact, Windows makes
comandline interface very different to the way unix/linux does it.

If you want to make Sword Appealing to your average user, GUI is the way to
go, sorry, but the fact remains, that if you're a computer user, GUI can
make the experience better and easier.

If you use unix or you're unix-minded, then commandline is fast and easy
thats great.  However there is one small problem, not everyone is
unix-minded.  I guaranteee you that almost anyone can do windows.  Not
everyone can do linux.

The problem remains, if sword is a windows program, then it will need a
windows interface.   Especially if one has to do a lot of typing.

Within this context, there has to be good error control make no mistake, GUI
doesn't help if the program doesn't work.  But to say that the GUI
automatically sacrifices the problems that already exist is not always the

Windows and Linux are incompatible you usually can't use linux programs on
Windows, without severe re-programming.  That puts off windows users.
Windows users would rather not have a program, than make an effort to do it
by hand.

So when linux people complain when GUI is *suggested*, let me remind them,
that the main sword program has a GUI.


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